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Meet the Dragon!
When on the hunt for the best pizza you start with the most authentic pizza tradition: a wood-fired brick oven. Get a dragon to blast some flames inside to make it the hottest oven imaginable and the temperature is just about right. We then add fresh-made dough, locally-sourced ingredients, and hand craft a pizza to order. To find out more about the best way to make a pizza, click here.
Hunt for the Dragon!
Seeking the dragon? Dragon Fire is a mobile business and can be elusive. So if you want to hunt the dragon and walk away with some delicious treasure, click here to start the hunt!
The Treasure!
The dragon’s appetite changes with the season, and so does our menu! Learn about the classic Neapolitan style pizzas we have available as well as check out some of the specialty pizzas we hand craft when you place your order!
Summon the Dragon!
When you summon the dragon we bring the whole kitchen, hot oven, and fresh ingredients right to your location and do the cooking on site! For the freshest food at your event, summon the dragon! You can also summon answers to questions or concerns or leave feedback by clicking here.

Run to Dragon Fire!

Dragon Fire Is Here!

Dragon Fire is hand crafting individual artisan pizzas made with quality local ingredients hot and ready in UNDER FIVE minutes. Dragon Fire is the first wood-fired pizza oven in town and we put it on a unique mobile trailer to sell in multiple locations and even cater parties throughout the area. Depending on the day we are open for lunch, dinner, or late night snacking. Want to know where? Come find us!

This is the hottest, freshest, fastest pizza around!